Training Consciousness Coach

From my deepest pain, experiences and wounds I will help, support, grow, inspire and transform others that’s why I’m here <3

Specialism: consciousness coach, trauma healing, spiritual and personal consultations.

Target group: adult people in 1 or more of the following areas: spirituality, consciousness, giftedness, hsp.


Blog introduction:

Hi I’m koen, a life-time learner, I regularly acquire knowledge in areas such as: technology, psychology, spirituality, personal development and growth, hsp,…

I really enjoy being able to share that knowledge with other like-minded people in the same areas of interest.

I hope I can reach many people and possibly make an impact, welcome everyone and enjoy reading.




blog goals


share knowledge, inspire people, get reactions and feedback on shared blog posts, source of inspiration and support for like-minded people, reviews, appreciation, understanding, passing on and receiving constructive energy, drawing positivity not only from positive things, but also from negative things to deal with it better and more positively in the future.